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Look inside your jewellery box. How many beautiful pieces do you own that mean something special to you? Go on, have a look. I think you will find that the answer is…nearly all of them.

Because jewellery that you love always has a story attached to it, and that’s why accessories are so unique. Unlike garments or shoes, that are often bought out of necessity, jewellery is a ‘want’ and not a ‘must have’. The story behind your jewellery is what makes it special, and why these precious pieces are often handed down through generations along with the magical tale behind the item.

Here are five ‘stories’ often linked to our jewellery and why we hold on to our trinkets forever:

A token of love
Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a piece of jewellery. Historically men have presented rings to women to ask for their hand in marriage, or they have been used as a universal symbol of two people uniting in holy matrimony. Because buying a ring for someone is very personal, one size doesn’t always fit all (unless you opt for one from our Gold Coast Collection) – so most people’s gift of a rings comes with a poignant sentiment behind it. When you receive diamond stud earrings from your boyfriend on your first Christmas together, for instance; or a Sweet Sixteen pendant from your mother, or even a friendship necklace from your best friend; they all mean the same thing – they are saying ‘I love you and I want you to think of me when you wear this’. And it’s not just gold and diamond jewellery that mean the world to us. If you are a mother that has ever been presented with a painted pasta necklace by your child you will know exactly what I mean (you will wear it with pride and you will keep it)!

A special occasion
It’s not often a woman treats herself to something expensive unless she has the excuse of a special occasion to wear it to. And jewellery is the perfect example of this. How often have you been invited to a wedding or a big party and wanted to stand out from the crowd? Sometimes a certain outfit needs a certain necklace or pair of earrings to complete the look, and it’s those pieces that you will keep forever. Because those pieces of jewellery don’t only go perfectly with your special dress, but they will remind you of the great time you had that day.

The memories
Did you have a necklace you wore all the time as a teenager? Or a tiny bangle given to you as a baby? Were you bought a charm bracelet for your thirteenth birthday, and have since then added a charm to it each year (each one a symbol of who you are and where you are up to in your life)? A piece of jewellery is a constant reminded of who you once were; your hopes and dreams at the time and how you viewed yourself. Putting on that bracelet or necklace again is like owning your very own time machine.

The keepsake
Ever been on holiday and wanted to buy something that encapsulates the great time you had? I remember once being on a beach in Ibiza and stopping a young man walking up and down on the sand selling his jewellery. I chose a silver and turquoise pair of earrings – to me they said sea, sunshine and happy times. Now every time I wear them I am back on that beautiful island and I feel young and free again. That’s the power of jewellery.

The heirloom
You have photos of your granny wearing that necklace, you remember your mum wearing it to Aunty Sue’s wedding and now it’s in your jewellery box. It may not be fashionable any more, or anything that you would ever pick out for yourself, but it represents family. Continuity. Your roots. It was once precious to the ones you love (perhaps because of one of the other four reasons above) and now it’s special to you. They loved it, you loved them, so therefore your necklace is priceless. You will never let it go because you want to keep the story alive, and you want to pass on that same story to your own children one day.

So bear this in mind when you choose your next piece of jewellery to wear. What does it say about you? What does it mean? Why do you love it so much? And cherish those precious memories, because no matter what stunning accessories you are wearing – there is nothing more beautiful than your smile.

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