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Pink has long been synonymous with all things girly; it’s a gentle colour, it’s soft and it’s feminine. Light pink is also a colour that is often chosen for baby girls and wedding days. And why is that? Love. Love is what makes the world go around and what Rose Quartz is great at helping with.

Rose Quartz is referred to as the ‘Love Stone’. When people think of crystals, Quartz is often the first crystal that comes to mind. It can be used to aid meditation, to attract positive energies and to purify water. But do you know why we at Meriko London love to use this particular pink stone in our jewellery so much? Because it attracts love. Honestly! It does!

It’s a stone for every type of love – from friendships and family, to wild and crazy soul-mate kinda love. And for those that want to take it deeper, Rose Quartz is linked to the Heart Chakra, the central Chakral point where emotional experiences are stored. Wearing the Rose Quartz in your jewellery can help you eliminate sorrows of the heart, resentment, anger and fear – replacing them with healing, comfort and inner nourishment. It also attracts positivity…and maybe even the right special someone into your life!

So how can you harness this power in your Rose Quartz crystal jewellery?

You need to recharge it. This can be achieved by leaving it under moonlight every few days and letting nature’s organic energie seep into the stone.

Hold it during meditation and daily affirmations. Just taking a few minutes out each day to reflect and create positive visualizations about good things coming into your life is enough to kick-start the right energy. And if you do this whilst holding your magical stone it will multiply those feel good vibes.

Rub it. Unfortunately our jewellery doesn’t come with a magical genie that can make all your wishes come true, but just knowing that you are wearing a piece that is known for its calming influence is enough to bring you inner peace. Be mindful when you wear Rose Quartz, and believe in its emotional healing properties.

Failing that, you can just love Rose Quartz for its pretty and shiny beauty. Our stones are all individual, and the wonderful thing about crystals is that no two are ever the same. Like you, our stones are one of a kind. So if you wear our pieces solely for the way they look and not for their spiritual properties…then that’s okay too.

Because when we look good, we feel great. And that’s powerful enough!


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