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A while ago I asked you all to send me your questions about me, Meriko London or my collections – and the response I received was more enthusiastic than the first day of the Harrods sale! I wasn’t sure if to be flattered or a teensy bit scared.

So here are some of the best questions and my answers. The good, the bad and the downright curious… You ready?

Your origins began in luxury and fine jewellery, but your newer collections have taken a new turn into funkier, younger and more affordable. What made you change direction?
Luxury jewellery is fine for millionaires, but what about women like you and me? Women that also want show-stopping pieces that express who they are but in a more fun and affordable way? So that’s how the Gold Coast collection came about – I wanted pieces that expressed my love for semi precious, colourful stones that every woman could wear.

I love how your jewellery is all about colours. What’s your favourite colour and why?
I love the colour blue. Every shade. From Baby Blue and Duck Egg right through to Turquoise and Dark Navy. It reminds me of the ocean, which is something I never tire of looking at. Every day, as I drive along the Spanish coast, I am fascinated by the colour of the water. It makes me thank God for my life and that I am lucky enough to get to enjoy such beautiful surroundings.

You are originally from Armenia but have traveled the world. What places have inspired your work?
I love every destination, in fact I am lucky to split my time between Moscow, London and the South of Spain. But generally I am inspired by all natural landscapes. What God has created is greater than anything we can imagine or create, especially the ocean. Since I was a child I have loved looking at art depicting the sea in all its guises – day, night, calm or stormy. My father loves art and has many art books, so as a child I would sit for hours flicking through the pages picking out my favourite paintings of the sea…which I can see now has clearly influenced my work.

Describe yourself in three words.
Oh that’s difficult! Don’t you know us women are a lot more complicated than that, haha.
Okay, here goes.
1. Caring – I love to look after people, I’ve always been a mother to everyone.
2. Appreciative – mainly of the things we take for granted, such as my surroundings and the people who love me.
3. Looking good – and by that I don’t necessarily mean being vain or following all fashion trends. I think it’s important to look after yourself in general and dress well, and of course love fashion, but most of all to have your own style. I think it’s vital for a woman to look great and look after herself regardless of age; she must appreciate her inner brilliance and beauty before she can expect others to.

If you could have one person, past or present, to wear your jewellery. Who would it be?
Just one? I can’t choose, so I’m going to have three! Audrey Hepburn, Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica Parker. All iconic, strong and powerful women in their own way. If you are reading this JLo and Sarah, you can have your pick of my collection. Call me!

Some of your pieces are available in yellow, rose and white gold. Which is your favourite and why?
I love yellow gold the most, it brightens up any outfit and looks great with both tanned and fair skin.

Beach, city or countryside?
I think that’s an obvious answer after the last few questions. Although I have lived in many big cities and I do love city life, but the beach just brings me peace that I can’t find anywhere else.

Will you be bringing out any pieces for men soon?
Funny you should ask that because our next collection features some gorgeous cufflinks (and hopefully some gorgeous men to model them). Then, after that, who knows? Watch this space. Or better yet send in some suggestions as to what men want. I find male fashion fascinating and would love to make every guy a Meriko Man!

I like to try my jewellery before buying it. Do you only sell online?
No, we also sell in-store, although at the moment our pieces are not available in as many boutiques as I would like. But we are working very hard at getting our pieces in some key retailers in major cities. My plan is to have Meriko accessible to every woman, everywhere.

I can’t get enough of the Gold Coast collection. Please tell me you have more collections coming out! Yes, we most certainly do, in summer 2015. Shall I give you a clue? Think Italian coastal chic and wedding accessories. Soooo exciting.



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