Colour Comeback! Monochrome Is Dead.


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Summer is just around the corner!
Can you feel it? I can, although it’s not so much in the air as in the faces of the people I pass in the street. You can see it in the way they dress too…their scarves are loosening and their tights are thinning. With each step they take away from the dreariness of winter, they start to look that little bit more alert, awake – hopeful even. The days of snow and biting winds are behind us – and all that lies ahead is sunshine and holidays.

I love the onset of spring, not only because this year we are launching our hugely awaited new collection Gold Coast, chocca full of holiday-inspired gold pieces for the chic bohemian in all of us, but also because winter’s monochrome dullness fades and people start to apply a bit of colour. It may only be a bright pink bag, or a lighter shade of lippy, but eventually, as the winter layers start to peel off, so does everyone’s inhibitions. We all start to lighten up, in every sense of the word.

You will be excited to hear that the trends for Spring/Summer 2015 is all about colour. It’s a fact, Vogue has spoken. And when Vogue speaks…we listen.

When we at Meriko read that colour was making a comeback this season the entire office yelped a huge ‘hurray!’ because we have known for a long time that colour is what makes the world go around. It’s what turns a good outfit into a great one. It’s what makes alright into All Right.

You don’t believe me? Well have a think about it. When you need cheering up or you want to make an impression at a party, do you choose to stand out from the crowd in a grey dress or a black pair of trousers? Of course not! You wear red for confidence, pink for fun, yellow to make people smile. So why should colour in fashion just be confined to clothing? It’s time for jewellery to make a statement, not just through its designs or precious materials, but for its eye-catching colours.

Personally I love to wear colour, although I’m not a naturally gregarious person (I prefer to make my jewellery the centre of attention). Let’s face it, it takes a certain person and a lot of guts to walk into the office on a Monday morning wearing top to toe bright orange. So I choose to make my statements in small colour bursts instead. Take for instance the two-ball rings from our Gold Coast collection. Every week I get comments from people saying, ‘I always wear black, but with your rings I choose a bright colour to match my handbag or scarf and it completes my outfit,’ or ‘I’m quite timid, but when I wear my fiery Carnelian ring I feel invincible. It’s like my own little power surge.’

Colour has a certain kind of magic: a special power to calm or excite, to make you happy or get you noticed. Try it next time you are having a monochrome meltdown, it’s not like Meriko is short of colour options.

So, to help you step on to the colour hue highway and tread your palette path to happiness – here is a list of colours and stones that can cheer up any outfit. See what works for you.

Blue – Turquoise stone – The feel good factor
You can’t feel negative or down when you wear bright blue. It helps with communication and with lifting your spirits – your own pick me up accessory. It especially looks stunning on people with olive skin or those with blue eyes. It’s impossible to wear Turquoise stone jewellery without feeling like you are on your way to a fancy beach club.

Light pink – Rose Quartz – A touch of romance
Soften the mood and connect to your inner Princess with subtle shades of blush and light pink. The Rose Quartz is the most famous of crystals, associated with peace, love and comfort. Wear it on a date and see how long it takes for your man to be under your spell.

Green – Chrysopase – Go get’em and make some dosh
Green is the colour of money, and envy and better looking grass on the other side of the fence. It’s also the best colour to wear, or at least accessories with, for work. It attracts money, it makes you focused and it’s also pretty popular with Mother Nature herself. Start your journey to the Emerald city and reap the rewards along the way.

Purple – Amethyst – Calm and inner peace
I love Amethyst, it’s one of my favourite stones for feeling at one with myself and connecting to a more spiritual self. You don’t have to get all hippy dippy though to appreciate that purple, lilac and lavender shades are all about inner peace. They are also the perfect pastel shade for springtime.

Orange – Carnelian – The passion of fashion
Looking for a bit of zest and a kick up the backside? Carnelian is the perfect shade of burnt orange to add a powerful pow! to any outfit or occasion. It also makes the wearer feel pretty God damn saucy, so don’t over accessories because you will only have yourself to blame!

And you thought colourful jewellery was just something pretty to accessories with. Ha!
If you really know what you are doing when it comes to colour co-ordination, you can have the whole world at your fingertips while sitting on a rainbow. So no more black and white ladies – it’s time to start turning those negatives into powerful, colourful positives.

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