Every piece of jewellery has a story. This is mine.
I am Meri. I come from a long, long line of jewelers. My whole life I have been surrounded by gems and precious stones. Where most children are taught their primary colours from a book, I was learning about blue Turquoise and bright orange Carnelian by playing with the long strands of vibrantly coloured beads.

My family is into fine jewellery, whereas I wanted to branch out alone and cater for women that want high fashion at accessible prices with a timeless look. I’d always wanted to work with the beautiful semi-precious stones I had played with as a child, these magical gems that held such power over me, and I wanted to share their natural colours and wonder with the rest of the world.

Meriko London is by me, for you. It’s about bringing natural colour and a touch of vibrancy to your day. It ‘s quality and durable jewellery that will stay with you for a lifetime, a mix of bohemian chic and elegant fun pieces that can be worn with anything and by anyone, but still remain new and exciting.

The power of crystals and stones are an important part of my pieces; because it’s vital for me that what you wear not only makes you look great but feel great too.

Meri X